Eco-Club Of GDC Purmandal Celebrated World Biofuel Day, 2023

Eco-Club of GDC Purmandal celebrated World Biofuel Day, 2023


GDC Purmandal celebrated World Biofuel Day, 2023. This day is celebrated annually on 10th of August with an aim to create awareness of various sustainable, biodegradable and renewable fuels. This day marks the discovery of sustainable fuel by Sir Rudolf Diesel to operate diesel engines. On the occasion Students of B.A. Sem- 5th prepared beautiful posters depicting the biofuel revolution for a greener, cleaner and smarter India. The whole programme was conducted under the patronage of Worthy Principal of the college Prof. [Dr.] Raj Shree Dhar. In her address to the students, she stressed upon the use of renewable sources of energy like solar energy, wind energy etc. She said that it is of utmost importance to use clean energy sources like biofuels or other carbon neutral fuels to protect the environment. Prof. Shahima Akhter, Head Department of Environmental Sciences also delivered a lecture on biofuels. She gave an overall view about biofuels. She said that biofuels is any hydrocarbon fuel that is produced from organic matter [Living or once living material] in a short period of time and it helps in reducing the dependence on crude oil fostering a cleaner environment. She also briefed the students about some common examples of biofuels such as corn ethanol, biodiesel and biogas from organic byproducts.
Eco-Club of GDC Purmandal celebrated World Biofuel Day, 2023

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